Stars and Stripes

Size: 40″x40″ (101x101cm)

Mandala of semi precious stones: labradorite, quartz, titanium, coral, hematite, obsidian, lapis.

This unique mandala made of semi-precious stones had a distinct vision in mind when it was created by it’s author Daniel Poyel. He wanted to create a piece of art that not only captured the essence of the American flag but also highlighted the natural beauty of the stones used in its creation.

Daniel Poyel carefully selected each semi-precious stone to ensure that it not only fit into the overall design but also had unique features that would add to the beauty and complexity of the mandala. He also paid close attention to the placement of each stone, ensuring that they were arranged in a way that created balance and harmony throughout the design.

In addition to the use of semi-precious stones, Daniel Poyel incorporated his own personal artistic style into the mandala. This style is reflected in the overall composition of the design, as well as the intricate details and patterns used throughout.

Overall, the creator’s unique vision and artistic style have resulted in a truly stunning piece of art that captures the essence of the American flag while showcasing the natural beauty of semi-precious stones.