About Author

Daniel Poyel is a true inspiration, whose art is distinguished by its uniqueness and originality. His art has no counterparts in the world of art and is admired for it’s originality and depth of expression.
Each masterpiece created by him seems to embody his life experience and rich inner palette. This is an art that is not easily defined and requires a special understanding. But when you look at his art, you will feel that it opens up new facets of perception of the world.
Such art cannot be created from a template or instructions – it arise thanks to the uniqueness and talent of the artist. His art is a real treasure that gives people beauty, inspiration, and new emotions.
Daniel Poyel is a living example of how creative potential and a unique view of the world can lead to the creation of something truly magnificent and unique. His art is a journey into a world of deep beauty and high thought that will not leave you indifferent.

Daniel dedicated his life to creativity. His goal has always been to create something new, unique, and one-of-a-kind in this world. Some people fear change and often have a negative attitude towards everything new and unknown, but not for author, it rather inspires him! He wants to bring beauty to this world based on the product, not on the advertising of name or personal photos. That’s precisely why Daniel doesn’t want to publicize his identity, He wants his work to speak for itself. Daniel’s art is for those who love life!